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PhoneGap Training

Seed Arise offers one of the best practical PhoneGap Training in Chennai. PhoneGap simplifies cross-platform app development. You can code and develop an app once, and then compile it to run anywhere: iOS, Android, or Windows Phone. PhoneGap Build is the cloud-based version, which allows you to take apps built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and compile them into native, store-ready mobile apps. All without any sort of SDKs.

We explain how to set up an account for development and create, configure, and compile your projects with PhoneGap Build. Once you've mastered these basis, we will proceed to extend all your app plugins, debug your app, and then prep it for release in the App Store, Google Play store, or Windows Store.

PhoneGap Training in Chennai

We call our trainers as experts as they have build 100+ projects in Phonegap. This practical knowledge are transferred to the trainees via lively project demonstrations. This way, the trainees will get the right exposure they ever deserved for. Thus Seed Arise ensures you with the best of Phonegap training in Chennai.

Course syllabus

Different Mobile Platforms / OS

Growth of Mobile Applications

Different Mobile Architecture

Batch Schedule

Batch Schedule - "May 2019"
Starts Duration Days Time (IST)
11th May 6 Weeks Sat & Sun 03:00PM – 06:00PM
13th May 4 Weeks Mon – Fri 07:30AM – 09:00AM

Online Training

We are the best providers of PhoneGap Training in Chennai with expert guidance and fully interactive classes. Our training program is very much mixed both practical and interview point of questions.

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